Sublime Text Tutorial

Sublime Text Tutorial

How to quickly open Sublime Text using the command prompt (cmd) or terminal in Windows

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Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of Allah be upon you

Actually, Coding is the Profession of a Web developer But as a digital marketer, you have to learn some coding like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. so in this article, I will be talking about Sublime Text it’s the most popular text editor for coding. And this article will be getting complete guidelines of Sublime Text.

So what’s going on guys, this is Alamin from And this is a very short tutorial, in which I will be showing you how you can open Sublime Text using the command prompt that you have in Windows. This is specifically for those users who are actually using the Windows operating system. And they want to open the Sublime Text Editor inside the machine using the command prompt.

You can do this in two ways First is you just create user variables and the second is you create user variables & system variables, My suggestion is you should follow the second way.

You can learn the first way to follow the video below

So let’s jump right into this and I’ll be showing you how you can open it using the command prompt. So first of all, you need to create an environment variable for Sublime Text so that you can use a command to trigger this and the command prompt will be opening Sublime Text using that command.

So first of all, what you will do, you will just have to search for the environment variable setup option. So as you can see, this is an option that is provided by Windows to set up your own environment variables or to manage the summary tables that you have. So just click on that to open it and then just the provide into this environment variable session.

Okay, then here, you need to create one system variable for the sublime text. So just click on the name button. Now just give it a name something like sublime, okay, and this variable’s value will be pointing to the part where the Sublime Text is actually installed in your machine.

How to open sublime text using CMD
How to Open Sublime using CMD

So in usual cases, it will be your C drive, okay, and C right, you can just head over to this Program Files folder. Inside that we’ll be finding out something like sublime text string, so I’ve installed Sublime Text suite, so it is destroying this bone over here. So just click on this folder. Now copy this path here as the value. Now just click on OK. As you can see, this new variable has been created over here.

Okay, now what it will do, you just go to the PATH variable, this is our PATH variable, just click on Edit. Okay, now add one more entry for this. And this entry will be called as %sublime%. This click on OK. Okay, and then you’re done with the system partner even now go to the user PATH variable, click on Edit. Now here also we will be doing the same thing. We’ll create one more entry for %Sublime%. Okay, now what this will do this will tell the command from that as one more value for some lamp tax so that you can open it using the command. Okay, now the system and we are done with the environment variable setup. Now just click on the OK to save it. Click on OK again.

Now you can just simply open the command prompt. Just remember one thing if you are already open command prompt and then you’re setting up the environment variable. Just close this and try to open it again because the environment variable will be taking effect after you close the current command prompt window and open it back. Okay, so just remember that thing. Now as you can see, I already opened this command prompt. So once again, after setting up an Environment variable.

So now I can just type in my command which is actually has to be a URL. And then you can see it’s open. Okay, so this is how you can use this SQL command to open any file inside Sublime Text. Now, right now I had already opened this file inside my Sublime Text. So it got open with this file only. So now let me just close the Sublime Text window. And now let me try to hit the command once again. And it’s open again. So you can see using this command, we can actually open Sublime Text, okay.

Now, if you want to create a new file, and at the same time you want to open Sublime Text, what you need to do to type this as we will come on and then after that, you need to type the file name. For example, if my files name will be, say text or HTML. So I get this, type that right here. And then again, this hit enter. So as you can see, this one from the command prompt will be opening Sublime Text using this in this file. So now this file will be there by default on my Sublime Text window. So this is how you can open a file using the command prompt inside Sublime Text.

Now, there will be cases in which you want to import or open that entire project folder on which you’re working inside Sublime Text in the command prompt. So how will you do that? So for doing that, what we’ll do is pretty simple, just head over to the command prompt once again, and just route to this folder, whatever portfolio you have. In my case, this is supported in which I have my current folder. So as you can see, I have two folders here, and in which the first folder that is actually Indian to do that’s actually my import folder,

which I want to open. So I’ve been doing the same thing again, I’ll be describing this as Sybil command, and then I’ll be given a space and just like the previous case when we type the name of the file for opening it by typing the name of my bullet folder over here, this time So that I can open it. So this is how you do the command to open a folder inside Sublime Text now you can just simply hit Enter, and Holy smokes, this is actually open.

Okay, so you might be noticing one more thing that this has actually opened one more Sublime Text window, although I had one more window open already. Okay, so in case if you want to open a new file or new folder inside the existing or inside this already open Sublime Text window, what you need to do, just hit this command with one more option called at the if you provide this option, this is an additional option, which you need to provide in order to open whatever you’re trying to open inside the sense of like window on the screen,

so if you put the same command and with this option as well along with that command, and it will be opening the folder or the file which are going to open inside the same Sublime Text window. So now this time, let’s see what happens. Okay, now you can see that it had got open inside the same Sublime Text window instead of opening it inside one more window, or one stance of the same Sublime Text.

So this is pretty much how you can use Command Prompt in Windows to open any file or any project folder in Sublime Text and work with it. And yeah, that’s it. It’s pretty simple to use and a small hack that you can use to get it to work.

Okay, so if you have any doubts, just let me know in the comment section below. And if you like this video, then just don’t forget to hit the like button and also click on the subscribe button to subscribe to my channel to get more videos like this. So I’ll see you guys in some other videos. Peace out

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Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

Hi guys, I’m Labiba and I’m Alamin and welcome to our Blog a couple in Canada. So we really got a great response to our last article and thank you so much for that. And today’s article, we are going to talk about one question that a lot of people, you know, have been asking us, which is the opportunity and how the career of a digital marketer is in Canada. Or let me rephrase it, you know, our digital marketing career in Canada.

Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

Right, so what Labiba is referring to is our last article where we came in the Discover Digital Marketing in Toronto, Canada. So if you haven’t checked out that article, the link is in the above. What we discussed was how we people from non-technical backgrounds ended up getting a job in Canada in digital marketing so loosely just to tell you what digital marketing is in Canada, digital marketing just like anywhere else covers a lot of things. The spectrum is very wide. It involves core strategizing, which is digital marketing, and looking into all aspects of digital marketing, including social paid search display programmatic, so the career options are many, and what career path in digital you decide to take, can make and break your career. Oh, yeah. In terms of where you start so specific to us. I let Labiba tell you exactly what we do.

Paid Search Examples

So we both of us are into paid search. He is into paid search and wholesome and I’m into paid search Google. So now when I say wholesome, like Rush up, can I Rush up does fail, no paid search for Google Facebook ads, Microsoft ads, which was earlier called Bing Ads. So that is the whole thing, you know, via social media, Google ads, or you know, a lot of different platforms basically, of digital advertising.

And when I say I only work on Google ads, so that is something very specific to one platform, which is Google ads. So I look after the entire paid search for one platform. Now, this is what both of us are currently doing but if you’re thinking you know I was a social media manager will there be a career vote yes definitely there is a lot of scopes is that you will need to make sure and you understand where what you’ve done and talked about that in your CV also to all the information all the important certification around it certifications are really valued over here.

So in your CV when you write you know, all the certifications you’ve gone or you’ve taken it helps so if you are right now in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or where you are and you know, you want to make a career in digital marketing, I would say you know, we know on the side when your processes happening also get on the certification side,

for example, Google Skillshop or then there’s the blueprint for Facebook and then there are lists LinkedIn certifications, get these jobs, they will really help you and you know, help your CV. Also, the other thing in the CV that can help you is if you worked on brands also mentioned what that brand, what what was the work worth of in dollars. For example, I’ve worked on clients where their ad spends were $1,000 To always mention that these numbers are good in your CV.

Yeah, show the upliftment that your work has done. A lot of people reached out to us after the last article came out from potato talkies. And one of the things that I observed was that people are sticking to run of the mill job description. Let’s CVS there is no particular format on how Canadians would look at a CV To be honest, it definitely has to be different from your home country.

And we come from India, I can tell you, Indians are used to talking about three or four pages worth of CVS, especially going micro level into each and every daily task. Nobody cares about all of that away. When you come here. Please make sure that you have a one page CV at best one and a half page and then try and summarize only the upliftment that you’ve bought to your role or company through your you know, through your time over there.

So please do not get into describing the role because everybody understands what the role is all about. Make sure your certifications are there on the CV. So people who are looking for, you know, the talent around that spell job specification if it requires you to have the certification, at least it stands out. So on one page, try and be as precise as you can.

Other Things That People Have Asked Me About Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

Yes, sir. So the other thing that I wanted to bring up a lot of people have asked me, you know, I’m doing digital marketing in India for five years, I’m going for 10 years, you know, we everybody really values and I’m sure you’re doing great in your field. But when you come to Canada Be ready that you might have to start from scratch, you might your first job, you know, your first job, maybe something which is like a starter or a beginner level, I would recommend a view rather,

we would recommend that make it to take the first job that you get because a Canadian experience really matters over here. Plus, there are enough the company actually sees you working and sees the skills that you have, you might get a cup promotion within the company and take your job and then you can still keep applying for other jobs you know which is but this Canadian experience really helps as we bought to cassata level job when we came here, and then we have grown from there. So that’s something that really helped us. And we would definitely recommend doing that.

How to Find Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

Yeah, when you’re looking for starter level jobs, LinkedIn might not be the best place. So when you’re here, make sure you look into a website called It’s great for people who have, we’re looking for employees, but they don’t have big budgets, which means that these are not your system manager, manager level openings. These are your associate or coordinator roles.

But then again, as Labiba said, you know, in Canada work is valued over experience. So if you show good enough work, it is very common for people to get promoted to the next level very quickly in three, four months, or I’ve heard of people getting promoted in the first month itself. So definitely don’t be egoistic or don’t be very proud of where you’ve come from. If you’ve come to Canada, that speaks itself that there was something missing in your life in India or Wherever you’re from,

so one of the things you have to let go is your old designation stay held, they hold no value. And frankly, it is surprising that people still feel like it pinches them when they have to downgrade from where they were, I think, in a new country, it’s so important to learn how the North American market works. And I would personally say that, rather than taking big responsibilities in the beginning, start small and then quickly, if you’re a hard-working person, in six, seven months, you can easily transition into a more responsible role.

So, you know, keep an open mind, don’t be one of those who’s only going to be looking for that one specific role and then probably be jobless for six, seven months, you know,

Tips & Tricks to Find out a Digital Marketing Job in Canada

now other tips are like one tip and trick that we would like to share when it comes to searching for jobs or you know, looking for a job on indeed or LinkedIn. Honestly, my personal favorite has always been indeed it’s worked for me like I think it’s worked for me really well. So that depends on the cases. Don’t limit yourself when You’re searching for the keywords on the job that Google Ads Facebook ads social media,

known for digital marketing roles, like yeah, it’s such a wide roll.

yeah, it’s a wide roll. So what you have to do is look for narrower keywords like keep broad terms, and then keep those narrow keywords also. So you turms like growth marketer, that also it’s important for you to read the job description. Sometimes when you read the job description, you will understand where you fit and you’ve done this, it’s just the words are very different from what they call versus what you call, then there’s something on his digital media by a bio that is something you know,

That is actually paid search in a way that so there are like e-commerce, ma e-commerce marketing manager. So there are a lot of these terms. So now look for these terms and read the JDN and then apply.

Yeah, the first part is searching for these things. So make sure you read online more about these profiles. A lot of the profile designations per se or job postings are directly linked To the outcome that the employer wants to get out of that role. And one is paid search manager or media buyer, you know, which means clearly that is the specialty or that is the skill that the recruiter is looking for.

So, when you know yourself when you know that, for example, you work in Google ads, and you know how the budget works for Google ads, that qualifies you to be a paid search buyer or media buyer. And that’s the kind of roles you need to be applying for, and which is why it’s important to know what the jargons are, what the terminology in this country is. And this you can easily find online when you read about jobs around,

For example, paid search or social media because people treat social media very differently from paid search and display and blah, blah, blah. So everything falls under digital marketing, but it’s not the same as how it was back home. One person does everything over here. People are looking for more specific skills when they hire People.

So definitely highlight those skills, even in your CV. What I would suggest is when you come here, this is what I did, and it’s helped me. And this is why I even do shafted when we actually apply for jobs in the daytime. So we actually dedicate two to three hours in a, you know, in the morning, first off the first half of the day, and we’re continuously applying a lot of times, you know, when you start, you know, it will kind of put you down with a single already, you know, that 200 applicants 300 applicants keep applying every single day, you will definitely be the first 25 applicants.

But what we did is Monday to Friday, we actually apply for jobs in the first half of the day. I never apply for jobs over the weekend, I always thought you know, if somebody posted a job on Friday, you know, till then till Monday, it’s gonna be like they have they’re gonna have tons of applications.

So I always like to be the first ones on there or in the inbox basically. So this is something that will have really helped us and we would really advise you to keep applying don’t give up. We have seen that, you know, if you, for example, if you apply for a hundred jobs, you will definitely get a call form.

That’s normal, you know what be patient because unlike, unlike back home, for example, it’s not the same way there are not a million people applying for the same room. So the competition is there, but then it’s not crazy like what we’re used to. So, first of all, be realistic. Okay, there’s a lot of immigrants, there’s a lot of people who are native Canadians who are also switching career and looking for new jobs who’ve been laid off because of COVID-19.

So just appreciating everything it can easily take. Again, you know, if you’re lucky, you can get it in the first week itself. We know people who’ve got jobs in like one day, but then there are people who can easily find work within six to eight weeks and I’m not using months away because I think six to eight weeks is probably not a long time if you go to see to build your career.

Canadian Have Their Own Hiring Process

And you know, the recruitment process also for somebody and this is specific For people who are already based right now in Canada, we get asked, okay, you know how long it takes blah, blah, blah, it takes time. Okay, this is Canada, this is not anywhere else people will give you good money, people will appreciate your work, but at the same time, they have their own hiring process.

I think personally from both of our experiences Canada is a very process-driven market. So expect your recruitment process to be at least two weeks, three weeks long, people will maybe reply only at the end of the day and you might be stuck on a Friday email, and then don’t try and get impatient.

You know, it’s okay. Don’t badger your recruiter or that HR again and again, by emailing them. It just goes in bad taste. I think one of the things maybe they’re looking for and I would advise you guys is to be patient because if things will happen overnight, everybody would be happy, right?

So that’s something which was my next point is you Alamin said that Be patient a lot of times you know, after your interview, you will not even know whether you’re selected or not because of the process takes so long, sometimes they don’t even revert to you some. So don’t be disheartened. These things are normal over here.

Don’t Give Up Till You Find Your Job

You know, as I have actually given I’ve been given it was like three rounds of interviews, and then nobody got back to me. And it’s been a month since nobody has gotten back to me. Okay. And we know friends who gave an interview in August and they actually heard back with a job in December. So you never know what can happen. So don’t be disheartened. keep applying don’t give up till you find your job.

Yeah. And, you know, we’ll probably make a detailed article on a CV because I think that’s one of the biggest things that has helped both of us. You know, get through to the recruiters, and no, that’s for another time.

You’re not making a bad choice by picking Digital Marketing as a carrier

What we’d like is for you guys to have like a little peace of mind that okay, you’re not making a bad choice by picking digital marketing right now. It’s just that don’t come thinking that you will get into digital marketing. I think you are leaving behind a lot of us Opportunities back home to come here and build a new life. So don’t expect people or luck to kind of just work in your favor and you figuring it out,

I think it’s very important to have a clear direction. Both of us were very lucky that we realized back in our first month itself that paid search is where we want to be. If you ask us for our opinion, what and what we should do, I think if you don’t have a core background already, paid search definitely is one of those booming fields inside of a paid search. The reason why I say paid search, it covers shopping campaigns, it shows it covers a lot of lead generation, which is what the North American market is very strong about the by the buying power, and the buying capacity of people online is much higher than retail, which is why a lot of people are looking for experts,

I would say or employees who have skills in those kinds of both of us qualified to be skilled in paid search. And in the last almost a year. We’ve really you No kind of put our foot in the ground into this field. And we plan to continue because we really enjoyed it. So paid searches wide. Read about it online. You know, there’s tons and tons of blogs online. So let us know if you have any questions about this and readout for Our next article on a resume in Canada, which is something that I’m very passionate about it.

Being with us, but I think it’s rule number one or one when you’re applying for a job. There is no Canadian CV is just common sense, which I want to talk about once again. So thank you so much for tuning in. Please do subscribe to our channel. If you haven’t, it till now and share, you know, the more support we get from you, the more it really motivates us.

Discover Digital Marketing in Toronto, Canada

Discover Digital Marketing in Toronto, Canada

The digital revolution has led to the creation of highly desirable job roles that didn’t exist before. Particularly in the field of digital marketing professionals around the world are looking for individuals to fill digital marketing roles. With more companies plowing millions into their digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

Year upon year. Keep reading to find out how studying a digital marketing program in Toronto Canada can set you up for a bright future in one of the most exciting industries. It’s never been easier to market products, ideas, and solutions to audiences with the rise of big data and the use of smartphones.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

With the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing companies can effectively communicate with target audiences through a range of platforms and media. This has increased the need for a thorough understanding of digital marketing any evolving technology for anyone hoping to become successful in the Industry employers strive to find candidates with suitable background and training ensuring their new hires are up to speed with trends, digital marketing, knowledge, and analytical skills.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, Canada is among the countries listed as having the highest demand for digital marketers with an average salary of over $50,000. This makes Canada an excellent choice for choosing to study a digital marketing program. Canadian has also featured Toronto specifically in the top two locations for fastest growing marketing and media companies in Canada.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

Additionally, the official Toronto employment survey stated that last year saw an overall increase of 46,920 jobs or 3.1%. It’s no wonder Toronto is a hotspot for job seekers around the world. Whether you want to be a digital marketing manager, SEO specialist, or work in social media at Diploma in digital marketing is often deemed essential as a solid foundation for the various roles you may find yourself

Diploma in Digital marketing
Diploma in Digital marketing

in Toronto School of Management offers a full-time Diploma in digital marketing specialist Co-Op, which will help you achieve success through 480 hours of guided learning hours and 240 hours. practicum hours in an established business module include an introduction to marketing and branding,

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

Google SEO, Google Analytics, managing social media sponsored campaigns, pay per click marketing with Google ads, website building, and design for marketers campaign management and compliance and copywriting. After completing an academic part of the program. Each student will do a job placement prior to graduation.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

The Diploma in digital marketing specialist Co-Op program at Toronto School of Management is powered by Digital Marketing Institute, a highly respected organization, which works with global digital experts and leaders to define the skills and qualifications required by today’s digital marketing professionals with the support and expertise of Toronto School of Management faculty, students complete their program and gain a digital marketing associate certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute, which is recognized by various global employers.

Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada
Digital marketing in Toronto, Canada

Students at Toronto School of Management can enjoy state of the art facilities, an excellent downtown location in Toronto, and a student-centered experience. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur by starting your own business, join a startup, or climb the ladder at one of the world’s largest companies. a diploma in digital marketing will provide you with the edge you need in the competitive job market.

You can read my another post in that I talked about opportunities of Digital marketing in Canada

Toronto, canada

You can read another article about Digital Marketing Opportunities in Canada

If you’re looking to study digital marketing in a booming business-centered city with a reputation for diversity and multiculturalism, Toronto, Canada may be the answer for you get in touch with one of our experts who will guide you along the way. What made you choose to study digital marketing in Toronto? Let us know……….